LifeStraw Emergency Water Purifier
LifeStraw® Personal, simply known as LifeStraw®,is a portable water purifier created for prevention of common waterborne diarrhoeal diseases. This small tube can be carried around to create easy access to safe and clean drinking water.

For domestic use LifeStraw® is perfect for use when camping, travelling, or working or playing outdoors.  No power or moving parts - designed for tough outdoor conditions.  Perfect for humanitarian work, overseas travel and camping it is robust - requires basic care and no maintenance and very cost effective.
LifeStraw® was designed with special emphasis on avoiding any moving parts, as a sealed unit with no replaceable spare parts, and avoiding the use of electricity, which does not exist in many areas in the 3rd world.
  • It is just 25 cm long and 29 mm in diameter and can be hung around the neck.  LifeStraw® requires no electrical power or spare parts.
  • LifeStraw® filters up to 700 litres of water and effectively removes most of the micro organisms responsible for causing waterborne diseases.  LifeStraw® kills disease causing micro organisms which spread diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, and cholera. It also filters bacteria such as shigella, salmonella, enterrococus, staphylococcus aureus and e.coli.
  • LifeStraw® has been tested by independent and qualified research laboratories.
  • LifeStraw® contains PuroTech Disinfecting Resin (PDR) - a patented, extraordinarily effective material that kills bacteria on contact.  Textile pre-filters are used in the LifeStraw® to remove particles up to 15 microns.  Active carbon withholds particles such as parasites.

The studies indicate the following:
The level of bacteria in the water will be reduced to levels that will provide water safe for human consumption. ‘Safe’ implies water from which any health risk is minimal. The particulate removal suggests that the number of any parasitic ova in raw water will also be reduced significantly. The released amount of iodine in water treated from LifeStraw® is not normally damaging to human health. However, people having thyroid problems and allergic reaction to iodine must seek medical advice before using this tool.
The life expectancy of LifeStraw® is one year from the start of usage (calculation based on consumption of 2 litre water per day) or 700 litres.  Use beyond expiry will not deteriorate existing water quality.
The WHO default levels for the quantities of drinking water (reference to WHO drinking water quality guidelines Third edition 2004, Annex III), are: For a 10 kg child, 1 litre water per day - thus 700 days tool For a 60 kg adult, 2 litre water per day - thus a 350 days tool

Adults and children of any age can use the LifeStraw®, provided they have capacity to suck water
First time users are advised to spit out the first couple of mouthfuls (40 ml) as a small amount of harmless black carbon water will be expelled on initial use. First time users may find it difficult to start sucking. This is because a natural brake on the flow of water has been put into the LifeStraw®, as a controlled flow between 100 ml to 150 ml per minute is needed to get the maximum benefit of the bacteria killing effect.
At regular intervals, it is recommended to blow out the last mouthful of water as well as some air through the LifeStraw. This will clean the pre-filters of whatever sand, silt and debris that might have got stuck in the textile filters.

It is expected that continuously drinking saline water through the LifeStraw would reduce effective life to 350 litres.