Stay N Defend Kit

Suitable only for spot fires, small grass fires and ember attacks around your property

Do not use for:

  • Fires within buildings or structures
  • Large bushfires
  • Forest fires
  • Any fire where you have been advised to leave for your personal safety

Users of this kit must undertand the limitations of the products contained within the kit, and the purposes they were designed to be used for.  

WARNING!      ExitKits Australia Pty Ltd advises intending users of this kit to first seek appropriate training in bushfire mitigation from your relevant fire authority before using any part of this kit. Serious personal injury or death may result from the use of this kit by inexperienced or untrained users..


  • 1 x Bush-Bud Wildfire Structural Fire Helmet  with moulded 2mm face shield and Proban neck shield - certified to AS 1801 Type 3
  • 1pr Firewall Level 2 Structural Fire Gloves - certified to AS 2161.6
  • 1pr Fighter Goggles - certified to AS 1337
  • 1 x Indura 9 oz FR Coverall - certified to NFPA 70E 1971, 75,77; ASTM F1506, ARC rating ATPV 7.9cal/cm2
  • 12 x ProMesh PC823 P2 rated respirator with active carbon filter - certified to AS 1716
  • 1 x Heavy duty duffle bag