DuPont TYCHEM C Disposable Coverall

Consisting of a substrate of regular TYVEK® plus a specialised polymeric coating, TYCHEM®C capitalises on the high strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility of TYVEK®. 100% particle tight, It provides total protection against ultra-fine hazardous dusts and powders, concentrated inorganic acids and bases and water-based salt solutions.

TYCHEM® C resists liquid splashes of pressures up to 2 bar. TYCHEM® C has passed penetration tests with blood and surrogate viruses which proves it can be used to protect against body fluids, blood and blood bourne pathogens.
TYCHEM® C has an antistatic coating on the white inside surface.

Available in sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

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